1. water, which flows into a direction (more or less quick); such a movement: a river, a strait with a strong current / cold and warm flows in the sea / floated by the river / follow the trend: to act like everybody else / against the trend, to turn atound the trend; proverb: være somn kjerringa mot strømmen: its like the woman against the current = to be willful, obstinate.
2. flowing mixes, current: a light-current; the blood flowed, the wine flowed into strong flows; a current of contributions, impressions, refugees, tourists.
3. electricity, particularly in lines.


strøm are a group of about two musicians, approximately 60 cables of audio, a bunch of stompboxes, the reverent dr. sherman, several doepfer-oscillators, a bass clarinet… is improvised and an idea of ambiguous clusters of sound, are many, extremely busy electrons, is a soundtrack to a sci-fi movie never watched or a stirred cocktail on the rocks, mixed with 2/3 of avant-garde classic and 1/3 of experimental rock, garnished with a pinch of pink pop-noise, is a ideology coming from the surroundings of the mysterious cult of yagwud or a thunderstorm of sound made of hypothermic electronic bubble and dinosaur-sized melodies of hoovers, is seldom sexy, quite often erotic, is a problem of drums less, is seldom KO in the fifth round, has a humm once in a while, is maybe more a trip to the dark galaxy of electronic sound, works at 220V or also with 1.5‰ is the orchestral brother of dupont & dupond, has no reverse gear, overcomes sudden falls of frequency lightly as well as chaotic gatherings of overtones, was the most quiet band when practicing (at least on this side of the alps), is a musical meal with several courses including a surprise desert flambé and an architectonic magical trick, is mostly a modular system …
and strøm believes in the holy grail.